My Bath Bomb press upped my business game!

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I started in business a year and a half ago, and for 6 months, I made my bath bombs using stainless steel hand packed molds. Then I broke my right thumb in a dirt bike wreck and I though it was game over for my new business. I bought a bath bomb press and some molds from Bath Bomb X-press and I actually enjoy making my bath bombs now. I have over 26 varieties not counting my Shower Steamers and Seasonal novelties. I can easily keep up with re-stocking and I have increased my profit line. One hand packed batch would yield 7- 3″ bombs (if I was lucky) and now I get 8+- 3″ bombs and I can make them in record time, with very little hand fatigue. Jason was super helpful when I started out with helpful suggestions and tips to get me started.