Game Changer!

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I received my bath bomb drying tray, and OMGoodness! What a game changer! With plans to eventually start my own business, I am very new to this and am still trying to find my footing. That being said, flat bottomed bath bombs were a real problem..until I found your site. I saw your bath bomb drying tray, and although it appeared to be a perfect solution, it also looked like it would not be within my budget. So, when I saw that it was only $20.00, I had to get it, even though I was a little scared of what the end product might be like (blame past experiences with others). This tray is AMAZING! It appears simple in design, so it isn’t until you use it that you realize it’s quality. I love how I had the choice of diameter (not one size fits all), how heavy and durable the tray actually is, and most of all I love that the molds aren’t fixed. I can lift each one and place my 3″ diameter bombs in individually, without worrying about dropping it onto the tray and potentially breaking it. For someone who molds by hand (a press likely in the future) these trays are lifesavers. Thank you.