Excellent Products and BEST Customer Service EVER!

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High quality products, excellent customer service! I cannot say enough good things about this company and the people who own it. We have been ordering from Bathbomb X-Press for several years. We own one of their hand presses with several of the aluminum molds, and we now own one of their pneumatic presses with several newer resin molds. Both presses (and molds) have been everything described, plus the pneumatic press seems to have arrived magically indestructible (I am laughing here). Short story: somehow, when turned away from the then BRAND NEW press for a minute, I heard a loud crash-bang-thud. Nearly died before turning around because I knew. It had never made its first bath bomb and there was the pneumatic press on the floor– no clue how it happened. It hit so hard the floor was dented, but press was fine! Please do not try this with your own press because you may not fair as well as I did (HAHA!!). The mold was not as fortunate, but Jason, being the AWESOME person that he is, very quickly sent out a new mold. Jason has always been of great assistance when I have called needing help with anything and he is friendly with a great sense of humor – thanks a million Jason! Thank you for the products you offer and thank you for customer service that goes above and beyond.