Multi Ball Press


Is your small business growing? Do you need an extra hand…or two? This press is the solution! It can be utilized to maximize your productivity! The Multi Ball Press requires multi ball mold plates and cannot be used with any single molds.

This press is special order and built upon placing your order. Production can take 1 to 4 weeks depending on our workload. This press can present a learning curve resulting in some trial and error to finalize a mix that is right for your environment, ingredients, and the machinery. We are always willing and prepared to help you should you run into any issues. This press uses multi ball mold plates only and requires an air compressor that will output 150 psi on the tool side.

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If you are considering buying the Mega Ball Press, please contact us prior to, so we can ensure this is the right equipment to meet your needs.

*We do not accept returns on custom builds like the Mega Ball Press.

Cleaning: You can wipe down your hand press with a damp cloth. You can wash the molds by hand in lukewarm water and a mild dish soap. (Not dishwasher safe)

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Weight 35 lbs