Multi Ball Press


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This press is to use the multi ball mold plates.

This press requires an air compressor that will output 150 psi on the tool side.

This press is special order and built upon ordering. Can take 1 – 4 weeks to be shipped depending on workload and what all you order

This press requires you to learn how to use. Not everyone can unbox this press and be off an running. We are here to help you with this press if you order it. You will have to do a little work to learn how to fill the molds and how to get your mix right for a press. Making bathbombs with any press is different them making by hand. You have to learn how to adjust your mix as press molds are no where as forgiving as hand molding.

If you are wanting to buy this press please make sure to contact us as we would like to talk to you so you know what you have to do prior to buying. There is no returning this press or the molds as they are all custom build for each person upon ordering.

All pucks are resin.

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Weight 35 lbs