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Our new simi auto press allows you to press your bathbombs fast and efficiently. This press is computer controlled so all you have to do is fill the mold and press the start button and the press will do the rest. Once it is pressed you take your bathbombs off and reset and do it again.

With purchase of press comes your first mold plate. Additional molds are $350 each. Molds are easy to change and are available is every resin mold shape we offer. Molds are made from HDPE and resin depending on the mold ordered.

Being small in size this press will fit in most make spaces with ease. Needing only 12″ x 12″ in floor space its sure to speed up your production.

Presses are custom built per customer. Build time varies from 2 – 4 weeks.

We can also customize this machine to your needs if they are different from the one shown.

Financing not available on this item.

The number a bathbombs that can be done at a time depends on the size of the mold.
1″ – 16 at a time
1.25″ – 16 at a time
1.5″ – 9 at a time
1.75″ – 5 at a time
2″ – 5 at a time
2.25″ – 4 at a time
2.5″ – 4 at a time
2.75″ – 4 at a time
3″ – 4 at a time

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Weight 80 lbs